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Post-Anime Expo 2010 Outing

After helping out with the panel on Saturday, the president of Company C asked me to take them out the day after AX.

So I met up with them on Monday morning at their hotel.
It was packed with Japanese guests rushing out to go to LAX.
I was glad I got to say goodbye to Bamboo from OverDrive and I-san from Company C.

Today I was taking a group of five out to go shopping.
Aina Kase, rino, Yuka Kayura, tororo, and Kato-san from...actually, I don't know which company he's from.

We first went to go eat breakfast.
tororo suggested we go eat pho (Japanese people pronounce it "foe" so I didn't understand him at first...I grew up with Vietnamese friends, so I pronounce it the correct way), so we headed to my hometown, Monterey Park.
We went to Noodle City which is right by the high school I attended.

I had already eaten toast in the morning, so I didn't want to order a large bowl of pho.
Instead, I had some shrimp rolls.

Noodle City

The three girls had the house special pho, which was HUGE!
tororo filled his bowl with spicy sauce that turned his soup red.
It looked pretty spicy...

After that, we headed to Ontario Mills for some serious shopping.

Ontario Mills

We found a store filled with cute dresses, so Kase-san had a fun time trying a bunch on.
She bought two. She looked so cute in them!!
Maybe she'll wear them at a concert...she may alter the skirt to make them shorter.
She LOVES zettai ryouiki, after all.

rino bought two bags here. They were the same bag, just different colors.
She said one was for her, and one was for yozuca*.
How cuuuuuuuute!!
She's such a sweetie.

We then went to Coach. It was packed!!
They even closed the doors and had a line waiting to let people inside.
Despite the crowd and the long wait, they were really satisfied, so all is well.

Their request for lunch was Mexican food.
So we went to Chevy's.
I personally would not call Chevy's a Mexican food place, but since it was their first time eating Mexican food, I figured a chain restaurant with a menu filled with pictures would be a good place for them to start.
I did explain that it was Tex-Mex, but they didn't understand the difference...

We ordered way too much.

Since Kase-san can't eat any spicy food, she got nachos.

It was tough trying to find something not spicy.
In addition, she said she couldn't eat avocado.

tororo commented that it was wrong for her to come to a Mexican restaurant. Hee hee.

rino got some type of fajita plate, and the size of the food was bigger than her.
Obviously, none of us finished our food...well, except for the two men.

But we still got dessert!


Since I know for a fact that they don't have S'mores in Japan, I suggested this dessert.
It was way too sweet for rino, but the other girls liked it.

We then headed out to Venice Beach.

HOWEVER, I got food poisoning from my lunch at Chevy's (luckily, I was the only one), so I hardly took any pictures...sorry.
And I don't remember much of what we did.

I had to switch with my sister to take over for the rest of their trip.

I was able to go to their hotel to pick up my sister later in the night to say goodbye, though.
Hopefully I can see them again when I go visit Japan in September.


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