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Anime Expo 2010 Day 3

My last day at Anime Expo.

I woke up early to watch the Wimbledon final (womens) at 6am.
Lucky for was over in an hour.
So I got to go back to sleep.

I woke up around 10am and got ready for Anime Expo.
I knew I had to stay late today (11pm) so I purposely wanted to go later in the day.
It's too bad I missed Company A's panel...

I arrived at around 2pm, and went to Company HJ to offer to help out with their panel.
Like carrying stuff to the panel, since I thought they would be displaying a bunch of the Queen's Blade books.

It turns out that they didn't need my help much, other than escorting them to the room.
Oh, I was also holding the Nanael figure.

Queen's Blade Nanael Figure

We arrived at the panel room, and asked the tech guys for help.
They were so helpful!
I'm lucky that I always have very nice convention tech people to work with.

They even lent a laptop to Company HJ, since their laptop was running out of batteries!
(Fortunately, the PowerPoint was in a flash drive).

I offered to interpret, but they already had Mika-san from Company MF to do it.

So I just sat in the front with Gia from ANN.
(A big thank you to Gia for covering the panel after I asked! Her article is here).

Anime Expo 2010

Anime Expo 2010

The PowerPoint was great because there were summaries in English on the slides.
So I think more people were reading than listening? Hee hee.

I was hoping they would talk more about the newly released Queen's Blade books.
Like, how they are printed in Japan, so the print quality is great.
Or how they were able to keep the same MSRP as Japan at $16.
I hope they keep it like this and not license it out...fingers crossed...

I didn't get a sample yet, but maybe I'll introduce the books more when I do.

Anime Expo 2010

Here is a fan asking a question.

At the end of the panel, I helped a little bit by moderating the rock-paper-scissor game.
They gave away an autographed illustration shikishi in color, as well as a set of Queen's Blade mini figures.

I also liked how they asked for requests on which Queen's Blade characters they wanted next.
Some people shouted Airi, which I agree.
Only because I know Takamura-san.

After the panel I peeked in the Konishi panel.
It was full! They were turning people away.
I wish they had arranged for that panel to be in Live Programming 1 instead of the smaller Live Programming 2, since LP1 was available after 3:30.

Anyway, the AC wasn't working, so I left without saying hi to my client...Sorry.
But I did report to Company BEI how excited all the fans were!

Then I went to the dealer's room to talk to my clients.

I spoke with the president of Company BEI about some stuff, then the marketing guy/my editor...

I also went to go say hi to the president of Company A.

Then I said my goodbyes to other clients, such as Company HJ and Company BR.
Hopefully I can see them again at Tokyo Game Show later this year.

Then I rushed to the Artist Panel to meet with my friend F for dinner.
I was surprised to see that it was only Toshihiro Kawamoto there.
I guess I was expecting the manga artist of Black Lagoon to be there too.

Anyway, we went to dinner in Korea Town.
It was sort of an industry people dinner?
People from Company T and Company V + other people.
It was a lot of fun.

I rushed back to the convention center (Thank you F for driving!!) for the "Now and Future of Bishojo Games" panel.

Company MG is not a client of mine, but Company C (who was participating) is, so I went for moral support.

Um, it turned out to be more support than that...

Please click for more if you're interested.
I'm not really sure what happened...

In the beginning, I was just helping them set up.
Like getting water for the panelists and singers.

And I got a seat in the front to sit back and enjoy.
Actually, the men who sat next to me were really friendly and I enjoyed talking to them!
They asked me why I wasn't interpreting the panel.
(Actually, it was my sister who did it last year, which I explained).

I also explained that this year, Company C didn't hire me to interpret/host the panel.
They had their own host, John (who works for Company MG), and other interpreters (I don't know them, although one was a nephew of Bamboo-san, a panelist).

So I was cheering and clapping along...

But I guess one of the interpreters was having trouble?
The two AX interpreters (Sergio and Jordan) were translating for 2 panelists, but obviously they can't hear what the other 2 panelists on the far side of the table are saying, so I was asked to interpret for those 2.
Jordan remembered me from last year and called me up on stage.
Well, I guess it's sort of my fault too, for correcting some of the translation.
(But it's not his fault! It's really hard to hear unless you're sitting next to the panelist).

Anyway, I ended up staying for the entire panel interpreting for the singers.
(Which was not as good as I wanted...but I was so tired. I apologize to the fans who attended the panel).
And later, I interpreted for Bamboo during the raffle.

I just have to say I actually had a lot of fun, despite the hiccups in the panel.
I enjoyed the mini-concert (was amazed with the "OtaGei" by the fans!), and the energy of everyone.
(Such as asking for an cardboard box to be raffled off).
I think I also recognized some people from the 18+ panel at Fanime?
And also the Company HJ panel earlier today.

Oh, here are some pictures:

Anime Expo 2010
I liked how one fan didn't want to show his face! Hee hee.

Anime Expo 2010
These were the panelists and the interpreters.
Tororo, (interpreter), Yuka Kayura, Shinji Katakura, Bamboo, (interpreter).

Anime Expo 2010
We had a line of people for the Q&A, but had to cut it REALLY short...
Sorry for that. All the companies are willing to work with press, so maybe for next year people of the press can email John to arrange interviews?

Bamboo already asked me to help out with their panel next year, but we'll see. :D

The panel went to 11:50pm, and thank you, thank you, thank you to the tech staff of Live Programming 2 who did the greatest job.

That's it for Anime Expo 2010!


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