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Anime Expo 2010 Day 1

After playing tennis in the morning, and watching delayed tennis on TV, I headed out to Anime Expo 2010.

I first went to Company BEI's industry panel.

Anime Expo 2010

They showed a bunch of Haruhi stuff that I didn't understand.
I was sitting with Stephanie Sheh, the voice actress for Mikuru, so I should have asked her what was going on...but oh well.

They later introduced her as the voice actress of the main girl in Gundam UC.
She had an autograph thing at the Company BEI booth later.

I didn't go because I was at a different panel, but someone else took a picture for me.

Anime Expo 2010

She's really friendly.

I then went to the Eden of the East panel.
I was really far back, so I couldn't take pictures.

After the panel I went to talk to a few industry people I know, but it was really brief because they had an autograph session to go to.
I stayed for the next panel.

When I was looking for a seat in the front, I saw this:

Anime Expo 2010

So remember my previous comment about AX being like an airline?
This is class?
You pay like $100+ to bypass lines and have reserved seating in the front of the panel.
That's crazy.
But maybe Comic-Con could do something like that.

I sat with Gia from ANN for this panel, so please look for her report on that panel...

I left a little bit early to rush to the Exhibitor Hall to go say hi to my clients.

The most important was Company HJ, my newest client.
And they brought the combat visual books I translated.
Fresh off the press. They had to bring it with their luggage...

Hobby Japan Alleyne


And this is only $16!! What a good price!
Please go buy it!

I translated Alleyne, Nanael, Tomoe, and Melona.
I believe the artist for Nanael is an industry guest, so it's a perfect thing to buy to get autographed.

Also, Company HJ has a panel that was determined last minute.
It's on Saturday, July 3 at 2:30pm @ LP1 (Petree Hall).
It says that you can win prizes...figure fans should definitely check it out.

After saying hello to Company HJ, I went to Company BR and Company C (18+) to say hi.
Then I went to go see Company BEI, but bumped into former Company G marketing guy, S, instead.
So we talked a bit.

After that I went home.
Tomorrow I'll be skipping Wimbledon coverage to go to a panel starting at 10am.
It better be worth it...


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