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Ready for Comic-Con

It's still over a month away, but my preparations for Comic-Con is complete now.

I couldn't get the hotel I usually stay at this year, and since we have a small child coming with us, we got a hotel much farther away.
Of course, I was able to do that because of the prepaid parking.
Is anyone else trying it?

I have tennis on Thursday morning so I'm going after that, and hopefully staying until Sunday.
I might have another tennis thing to go to, so I might have to skip Sunday, but we'll see.

I'm done with all my deadlines for now, except for the occasional tweaks and back-to-forth with my new client, Company HJ.

I haven't done my laundry from the trip to San Jose.
And I guess I could clean my house.
So I'll be doing that this week.
And watching the NBA finals, of course.


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