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Fanime 2010 Day 4

The story so far...
While eating shish kabobs and baklava, I got a call from Aya, a Fanime guest relations staff.

So I guess there was an "emergency" and they needed an interpreter for the Q&A panel for LMC, one of the musical guests.
It was from 11am to 12pm, which is right smack in the middle of the day.
I had already had plans to spend with my best friend from high school, H...

But since H also had some work to do (he's a workaholic, just like me!), we decided our plans could be pushed to later in the day.

So I said I could do it.

So on Monday I show up for a brief meeting with the LMC people (LMC and their international relations manager).
I really can't go into details because it's a sensitive spot for all parties involved,
but it seemed like I was called to troubleshoot and fix some issues.

We figured out how the panel was going to go, asked them their concerns, and etc.

I was a little nervous if I could satisfy the needs of the LMC people, but I guess that was good.
I was so sleepy, but I got the adrenaline to kick in.

I went to the panel room on my own to set up the seats and stuff.
I was actually greeted by the con chair in front of the panel room, to thank me for doing this.
That was really nice of him.

So I go into the room, filled mostly with cute, young girls.
(And they were so excited! It made me a bit more nervous...)

As I was setting up the chairs and microphones, they scream.
LMC had shown up!

I was really relieved that the questions from the fans were easy (and CUTE!)
Some examples:
"What animal would you choose to be?"
(Answer was "dolphin" and "penguin")
"What was the weirdest thing thrown on stage?"
(A person came on stage in Paris and hugged and kissed one of the members...and it was a guy).
"What were your first kisses like?"
(Answer was "a secret," but they offered fan service like, "the kiss between us?)

In the end, the panel was a HUGE success.
Both the LMC entourage and Fanime were happy.
And most importantly, the fans were happy.
So I was happy.

I don't have pictures of all of this because it was so tense.

I'm glad I got to meet the other staff members of Fanime outside the GR.
They all came to thank me! And gave me stuff. That was nice of them.

This is my shikishi for Fanime 2010.

Fanime 2010


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