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Fanime 2010 Day 3

I got about 5 hours of sleep, which is very little considering that I sleep 7 hours at night and 1-2 hours (sometimes 3) during the day.

Yet I pulled myself out of bed and got ready to go to Fanime as I listened to the repeated news of the perfect game pulled off by the Phillys.
(ESPN repeats a lot!)

I went to the green room hoping to eat breakfast there.
I managed to grab half a croissantwich as the staff were cleaning up.
Unhealthy, but it was goood.

I spoke with Yamaga-san regarding his schedule.
He was supposed to have two interviews, but one of them canceled.

So we sat around for a while.
Former guest relations chair Aya came with her dogs and we chatted a bit.

Then I left to go to Yokota-san's "Drawing Panel."
(There's an actual name for it, but I call it this. I previously translated a similar panel for Takamura-san, the character designer at GAINAX).

Fanime 2010

This panel is pretty cool because an artist draws on a paper on the overhead projector while he talks about the process.
In Yokota-san's case, he just took questions as he drew.
This was a really efficient thing because he understood the time lag with the interpretation.

Yokota-san took requests for what to draw, and a young man asked for a "magical girl."
I was like, "Like Sakura the Card Captor?"
BUT this young man was like...


I was like, "........."


The panel wasn't as full as I thought it would be.
It's too bad, because Yokota-san is a really good panelist and very talented.
This is half of the room:
Fanime 2010

You'll notice Yamaga-san is there in the front row.
He was there for mental support.
(Maybe killing time until his interview?)

Okay, so here I say Yokota-san is a great panelist because he pauses after a phrase/sentence so it's really easy to translate.
THAT is a big deal.
But other than that, he is entertaining and funny.

So if he comes back to the US, I recommend you go to his panels.

Here are some of the pictures I took of his illustration:
Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

After this panel, I went to go join Yamaga-san's interview with Anime News Network.
I didn't interpret, but the interviewer is one of my favorites and asks very good questions, so I listened in.

After the interview the three of us (Yamaga-san, interpreter K, and I) went to La Victoria's to get lunch.
Then we headed to Fairmont for the annual Yamaga Party.

There were actually enough interpreters for each Japanese guest, so I got to roam around this year.
I first interpreted something for Mori-san.
The guy was showing a button he got at the artist's alley that had a BlazBlue character.
And then said the price. (I think $1.50).
And that there were probably more available at the booth.
So I was telling Mori-san, in Japanese, "Um, I guess he's suggesting that you go buy the buttons."
He totally laughed about it.

So in general, it seemed that everyone had a good time.

I stayed outside the room most of the time because the "walla" was hurting my ears a bit.
I asked Ishiwatari-san as a composer (as they have good hearing) if it bothers him.
He said he has the mute function in his ear.
(Maybe he was talking about the hair that covers his ears).

Here are some pictures from the party:
Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

The party was officially my last "job" at Fanime 2010.
So I said my goodbyes to all of the people I worked with and headed out.

...To the Left 4 Dead 2 tournament!

It was a smaller group of people compared to last year.
Is it not as popular?
Or was it the time slot?

Anyway, I took some pictures and watched a few battles.
It's so fun watching the audience reaction, like when a tank kills off the survivors.
"Whoaaaa." "Awwww."
I wish I had real-life friends who played with me...

More pictures!

Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

Fanime 2010

I said goodbye to Fanime until next year and headed over to H's house, my best friend from high school who moved up north when he got a job at very popular Company A in Cupertino.

Goodbye Fanime....

Until during dinner, I got a call from Aya.

To be continued!


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