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Fanime 2010 Day 2

Today I started off the morning with the "History of GAINAX" panel, which I didn't translate.
I did help a little in the beginning to set up.

I've heard the beginning of GAINAX story many times (and interpreted it a few times) but I really like the response the fans give when they hear it.
I guess starting an anime company right out of college sounds like a dream to those pursuing a similar career. :D

I had to leave after an hour because my other client, Company A, was having a panel.
They rushed through the announcements and I didn't catch any of their upcoming releases!
But I guess they wanted to give more time for the Q&A?
Fanime 2010
Mikey, Ishiwatari-san, and Mori-san.
Mikey is the guy in charge of localization for BlazBlue.
I translated Theresia with him a few years ago.

The Aksys panel, after the hour, just merged with the BlazBlue panel.
Honestly, I didn't play the game so I don't remember any of the questions,
(or understand them) but someone asked why the game was geared toward newbies.

After hearing that, I think I could try playing it.
Afterward I asked Mori-san about it, and I think I'll play it on the Xbox.
Mori-san also plays on the Xbox. (He plays it on PS3 too, but he recommended Xbox for the online community).

I was starting to get hungry during the panel, so after it finished I immediately met up with my friend B, who just came out of the Dark Horse panel, to go get lunch.
He told me great stories about Dark Horse, so please check it out on MangaCast when it goes up.

After lunch, I went to interpret for Yamaga-san.
He had an interview with press.

They had a nice set-up, like a portable recording studio, that Yamaga-san was intrigued with.

Fanime 2010

We went back to the green room to sing some karaoke, and then I parted ways to meet up with my industry friends F and B to go to the "Intern in the Manga Industry" panel.
Both F and B are successful graphic designers who have interned in the industry before, so we just wanted to check it out.

Fanime 2010
I couldn't catch their information much, but they interned for
TokyoPop, unknown, and TokyoPop from left to right.

I really wish they had a graphic designer person too, since I'm sure a lot of fans are interested in working in that department.
So panelists, if you're reading this, please invite either F or B to this panel next year!

We then went to dinner, and then went to Yokota-san's "Illustrating Bishoujo" panel (18+ only).
The staff had fun and changed the name on the board outside the panel room:
Fanime 2010

I couldn't take any more pictures because I was helping out with the panel.
It was pretty unfortunate that we couldn't show the pictures Yokota-san brought on his iPhone to the crowd.

I stayed with Yokota-san to help him with other business that I can't talk about publicly, while F and B went home.
Yokota-san even obliged to an interview at 12am, which is REALLY NICE of him.
We then went out to get junkie food (I didn't get anything).

I got home (my room) past 2am.


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