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Fanime 2010 Day 1

Today my Fanime started in the evening.

I first went to the Green Room to see if Yamaga-san had arrived.
He was, and gave me my omiyage from S-san!


Thank you!!

For some reason I always ask her to bring me manga.

After talking to Yamaga-san and fellow GR staff K, I headed to Marriott for the Capcom & Motion Capture panel, hosted by my friend Reuben.

Fanime 2010

He had a special guest jump in, Karen Dyer.
She did the voice and motion capture for the woman in Resident Evil 5.

Fanime 2010

I tried playing that game, but it was very difficult.
"Push this button to get your gun out, then push this button to shoot."
Too many buttons.

I left a bit after this because my friend B came, so we went around the dealer's room.
I went looking for my clients and friends...and found Company A!
And a fellow translator who works there was cosplaying!

Fanime 2010

I asked if he bought the costume from Cospa, but he said his mom made it.
What a nice mom!! And it was very well made.

My other friend F texted me that she arrived as the dealer's room closed, so we met up with her to go to the karaoke contest, because F's friend was performing.
Unfortunately, we missed that performance, so we went to eat.

We then went back to the finals of the karaoke round.
This was the guy in charge of karaoke.

Fanime 2010

The flag in the back is cute!

These were the judges.

Fanime 2010

The winner got a black Wii!
(Sorry, I forgot to take a picture).

Tomorrow will be a busier day.


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