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Fanime 2010 Day 0

So I was watching it rain in Roland Garros on TV, waiting for the French Open to start up again when I got an international phone call.

It was S-san, a producer for Company G.

Last night, there was a problem with Yamaga-san's flight (some airplane problem??) and it was canceled, so the poor Fanime green room staff had to scramble to do something about it.

To tie up loose ends, S-san asked me to step in to figure something out.

After a few phone calls and a long Skype chat with S-san, we figured it out.

We both talked that we were lucky that this year it was only Yamaga-san, and also that Yamaga-san is so flexible.
He was asked to fly out on Saturday, then changed back to Friday, and he's like,
"I'm cool with anything."

It's nice to have a chilled out boss like that.

I'm all packed up (except for my laptop) and I'll be heading out in a few hours.

Looking forward to seeing my graphic designer friends F and B,
my clients Company G, Company A,
industry friends J and R,
and all the fans of my industry.

Again, I'll be taking pictures of cosplayers related to my work (lately it's mostly been Shugo Chara).


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