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I've been watching the Funimation Channel to watch Case Closed.
I usually don't watch dubs, because I tend to watch Japanese with English subtitles and observe how the translations are.
But for Funimation Channel I have no choice.

I have all the volumes of Meitantei Conan, so even if I'm watching the dubs I can quickly translate it to Japanese in my head so it doesn't really bother me.
I also remember most of the character's voices, so I can hear the original Japanese VA voices in my head too.

Now I'm curious with all the name changes.
Case Closed always has many characters in a case, and in Japanese the names usually match each other.
For example the suspects' names will be Omotani, Douguchi, Kotegawa, Hakamada, etc.
All of their names are Kendo related. And this was a murder case that occured among teammates of a college kendo team.

I'm wondering if the US versions...both the manga and tv...kept those little details.

I guess I really have to check out the English versions.

Today I worked on the yaoi title from Company T.


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