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Working on Ghost Hunt #11

So I checked Company DR's website, and I guess this is going to be released in November, so I can talk about it.

I've been working on Ghost Hunt #11.
This is the continuation of the "Forgotten Children" arc.

The group finds out the details of what happened to the school and why it was abandoned.

This arc is really creepy because of a lot of things.
First, the group is stuck in a school.
Volume 1's arc was set in a school too, but the group was able to leave the school when they wanted to.
(Even though sometimes the door would close on people, haha).

I think having to stay overnight at a school is pretty scary.
Especially Japanese schools, because they are really made to look like prisons or hospitals.

Creepy reason number two, the kids are involved with the bad things that are happening to Mai and her friends.
There's one part where *spoiler alert--drag to read* the children deliberately lure Masako away from the group. They trick her into going with them to retrieve something, and make her disappear. Scary kids.

Well, there's another reason it's a bit scarier than the other arcs, but I don't want to give too much away.
I want people to support Company DR and buy the book!

For people who are wondering, there will be a #12 of Ghost Hunt.
In Japan, #11 came with a drama CD featuring the voice actors from the anime.
#12 will come with a drama CD too, which will have the second part of the Forgotten Children.


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