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Ghost Hunt #11 is Coming!

I was happy to see that Ghost Hunt #11 was just released on the 6th in Japan.
I can't wait to receive it from Company DR to work on it!

I've been watching Ghost Hunt the anime on whenever I didn't want to work.
I enjoyed it a lot, since I didn't work on most of the series.
(I only started working on it from volume 9).

So there is a special limited edition for volume 11.
It comes with a drama CD where the voice actors from the anime act out the last arc, the Forgotten Children.
It's almost 60 minutes long.

I thought that was pretty cool, since the anime series never resolved anything.
It's just too bad for US audiences because I doubt the drama CD will make it to the US...
This is why, for people who only saw the anime, should buy the manga series! Yeah!

Oh, I got Ghost Hunt #10 in the mail the other day, so that should be out soon.
It's pretty creepy, so please check it out.


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