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Anime Expo 2009 Day 4

Today was the last day of AX.

In the morning, the majority of the Company G staff left, and they wrote up nice things for me on a shikishi board.

Anime Expo 2009

I actually took today off to watch Wimbledon, and had my sister fill in as translator for the Director's panel and Artist's panel.
But it took so long taking care of check-out for Company G, I missed most of it.

Then I met up with the GoH to go eat lunch.

We came back to the green room before we left together for the closing ceremony.

Anime Expo 2009

Ishiwatari was drinking Red Bull as he watched the dealer's room break down.
Everyone else was napping.
I spoke to Mana for a few minutes, but it was a very awkward moment.
My sister knew him from before, and had introduced me, but then left me there...
Thanks a lot, dear sister...

We all went to the closing ceremony, only to find out that the auction was still going on.

I felt a little bad, since the guests were watching how much people were willing to pay for something they drew/autographed.

After the closing ceremony the GoH went to dinner.
I didn't go, since I didn't want to have AX pay for an extra person.
(It looked expensive!)

So that's it for Day 4.

I spent the next few more days with some Company G staff members, but I can't write about it.
I'll talk about it when they announce it.


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