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Anime Expo 2009 Day 3

Today the Company G staff got a "free" day so I took Imaishi, Nishigori, Manabe, Koyama, Wakabayashi, and Yoshinari to a tiny show called "Frank and Son."

Frank & Son

Frank & Son

I didn't want to hang around inside the stuffy warehouse, so I decided to drive around the area.
It was in an area where I used to go watch movies and stuff when I was in high school, so I was feeling nostalgic.

I ate lunch on my own, figuring that the men won't be having any lunch.
When I met them at 1:30pm, they confirmed it.
They wanted to shop for about two more hours, so I suggested that I go buy some In-N-Out and they eat in the car.
Imaishi said that would be perfect.
I asked him if he was hungry, and he said:
"I can endure being hungry but I can't endure not shopping."

So I bought them In-N-Out and they ate as I drove them back to Anime Expo for their autograph session.

Anime Expo 2009
You could see my burger at the bottom of this picture.
Sadly, I didn't get to eat it because I was driving, and during the autograph session I didn't want to get my hands oily because I was handing out postcards.
(In the picture, in-betweener San'nomiya is passing it out).

Anime Expo 2009
And this is San'nomiya getting an autograph.
I guess he can't ask during work, so this is his only chance to get one.

After the autograph session, Imaishi, Nishigori, Manabe, San'nomiya, Otsuka, and I headed out to go to Universal CityWalk to watch Transformers 2.

On the way out, we took pictures with Gurren Lagann.

Anime Expo 2009

At the movies, all of them bought drinks and stuff.
This is Imaishi being surprised how big the drink is.

Transformers 2

After the movie we went to Cheesecake Factory, since some other AX guest told my guests that it was delicious.
I kept telling them that it was nothing special.

And they later agreed with me.
(I hope Cheesecake Factory is not reading this).

They (five of them) managed to finish two cheesecakes.

Cheesecake Factory

But Nishigori was regretting eating too much of it.
I warned him about it, but he didn't listen...

We didn't see any fireworks.
Only explosions from the movie.


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