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Anime Expo 2009 Day 0

Today I got up early to watch the final episode of Gurren Lagann.
My sister watched it with me.

Then we drove to Westin Bonaventure in our rental minivan.
During the ride, I discovered that my GPS was broken.
I need to buy a new one...

The AX staff were picking Company G up at the airport, and we were to meet them at the hotel.

When they arrived, we tried checking in...that was our first obstacle.
All the rooms were screwed up!

I must say here, for claiming to be a high-end hotel, the Bonaventure HAS THE WORST SERVICE EVER.
The man who was checking us in kept saying, "I can't help you, I don't know what I can do for you," and he was horrible.

We had to get AX Green Room manager, Nam, to resolve things.
I'm glad my sister came along with me, who was only there to say hi, because she took care of it with Nam and Takeda-san (CEO of Company G) while I went to the press junket with the Guests of Honor.

The press junket was pretty interesting.
It must've been hard for character designer Nishigori because he couldn't sleep on the plane and was very tired.
But he answered all of the questions with very good answers.
So please check some of these websites for their interviews:
Anime Genesis
Anime News Network
The-O Network
Anime Vice

One of the press came dressed as Asuka, so they took a picture with her.

Anime Expo 2009

The people of UTB (United Television Broadcasting) also came and interviewed in Japanese.
They are the people who show anime on TV here in Southern California on channel 18.2.
Currently, I think they are showing Haruhi, The Third, and Dice.
They're gonna start showing true tears and sola soon.

After the press junket, they went to the Guest of Honor dinner.
I didn't go because I wanted to make sure that the 40+ staff of Company G could check in.
Some of them had to stay at the Marriott across the street because the Bonaventure had run out of rooms.

Then we ran into another problem...
My sister, who went to the registration hall to retrieve the badges for all of the Company G staff, called and said that the convention did not have their names in the system.

It was a great start for a long week, but I was telling Takeda-san that it would only get better from here, so it was okay.

(I was wrong).

That's it for Day 0!


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