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Fanime 2009 Day 3

The person I took a picture of cosplaying as Amu yesterday came by the booth to get my "autograph."
I really disagree ruining someone's book, but she insisted...

We took pictures together.

I went to see part of the Gurren documentary.
It was funny.

There was a Q&A panel afterward, but I didn't stay for the whole thing.

Fanime 2009
GAINAX staff and Yamaga-san.

At night, I went to the Yamaga-san party (formerly called "Meet GAINAX Party") to eat.
I forgot to take pictures, but the food was sad.
Especially for me who was expecting food like last year's party.

There were cheese pizza, corn dogs, popcorn, Cracker Jacks, and brownies.

At the end of the party I met up with Reuben Langdon, one of the Fanime guests.
I met him like 2 years ago? and haven't seen him since, so it was cool.

We were talking about his auction/charity thing (winning bidder got to play Street Fighter against him and get a recorded message on voice mail) and he offered to record something for my voice mail too.

So if you know my cell phone number and get the "busy" recording, you can hear Ken Masters.


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