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Manga for Mother's Day (Not Really)

Oops, I was going to write this for Mother's Day, but my wrist has been acting up.

I was going to introduce some manga that my mother reads/likes.

She doesn't read much manga, which is odd, considering how much manga she's been around, but here they are:

Jaja-uma Grooming Up!
by Masami Yuuki

My mother likes horse this is an obvious choice.
It's about a guy who travels to Hokkaido and decides to quit high school to live at a horse-breeding ranch.
It follows a span of 4 years of him, the people around him, and the horses as they grow.

What I like also about this manga is that the horses are drawn so cute!
I used to HATE going to the race tracks when I was a kid, when only my father was into it.
I hated the smell of the horse poo.

But now I'm more aware about horse racing...I don't know if that's a good thing, but...

Eiko Kera

The first time my sister and I read this, we laughed so hard because the mother in the manga acts so much like our own mother.
This manga is presented in equal-sized panels that go down.
They look like 4-koma but there's no punchline at the 4th panel, but a chapter goes for about 3 pages.
The story is about everyday life of a family.
It's all in color and very cute.

Seigi no Mikata
Chiaki Hijiri

This is about a pretty evil, selfish lady (the older sister of the main character) whose evil comments or acts end up saving other people.
This was made into a live-action drama series (Japanese dorama), which is why my mother showed interest.

My mother and sister say that the evil sister is a little bit like me.


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