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Working at AX 2009

Oops, I haven't posted for a while again.
I've been focusing on my hand therapy and trying to type less.
And it's so hot I really don't want to wear a headset to use Dragon.
I guess I should get a microphone...


It's only April, but I guess people are getting ready for Anime Expo 2009.
I got an email asking if I can work for a certain client, so I will be attending this year.
I can't say which company yet (I've worked with them before, though), since the Guest of Honor hasn't been announced.
I guess AX is still finalizing the details or something.

I am not working at Fanime this year but I will be going to see my NorCal friends.

Other than that, I'm currently working on Nunnally 2, Lelouch 5, and got new manga today.
(Not announced yet...I think).


Oh, are you going to AX?
Yeah, I hope they announce the guest soon...although I'm not really working for the GoH but someone associated with the GoH.
Usually the GoH has AX translators working for them.

Actually I'm not a Star Trek fan, so no, I didn't see the movie. Most of my friends saw it though. I don't know anything about Star Trek, so much that I didn't know Patrick Stewart was in a different series from William Shatner. ^^;

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