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Happy 3rd!

Today is the third anniversary of the One Potato Two blog.

Three years ago I believe I only had three clients at most.
Over the years that grew to about 13 clients.

But now, with companies going under or leaving the US market, are because some are struggling, I am back to about three clients that I'm working with right now.

When I say clients I don't include the companies that I help during convention season.

Anyway, I'm working a lot less than I was a year ago, due to the bad economy and my injury.
I guess in a way the bad economy was good for my hand and wrist…
(Sorry for saying that…)

I usually try to give free stuff to celebrate the anniversary, but I don't know where all my sample books went ever since I moved furniture around.
I can try and see if my sister brought anything back from Japan.

But she said because of the bad economy, Tokyo Anime Fair booths weren’t passing out free stuff like they usually do.
Besides, I doubt they were passing out anything from Code Geass, which is my main work right now.

So just like everyone else is doing I'm going to blame the economy for the lack of free stuff for my blog anniversary.

Hee hee hee.
As I read what I just wrote, it sounds gloomy.
It just sounds that way because I have to talk like this for my Dragon to catch the sentences I say accurately...


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