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Left 4 Dead

Sorry I haven't been posting.
I have been working a little here and there, but I was mostly spending my time playing this zombie game called Left 4 Dead.

I usually never play these kinds of games, but three of my nerdy gamer friends have been playing it, so I joined in.

It's quite fun!
The best part is how you can play online with different people, and take turns being the zombies.
We wear headsets so that we can communicate with each other, but unfortunately I don't really use the headset efficiently.

I tend to get surprised often, and when I am surprised, I yell.

"Aaaaghh! Zombie got me! Aaaagh!"
"Kyaaa! He sprayed stuff on me! Eeeek!"
"Oh, I died. How sad."
"Oops, I pushed the wrong button."

I keep saying these irrelevant things.
I wonder if people turn me off on the other end.

Anyway, it's a great game!
There's a commentary mode where you walk through the game and can hear various comments and insights from various people who worked on the game.

On the work side, I'm still doing all things Geass and Lelouch.
I am kicking some Geass.


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