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Iyarashii Manga

Today I went to San Gabriel for dim sum, and then to buy some yaoi books.
This is for research for the new company I'm working for.
So it goes under "business expense."

I asked my mom to come along with me to dim sum because I didn't want to go alone.
If I go alone, I will be like those lonely asian men who eat dim sum for breakfast...

My mom was asking me why I had to go all the way to San Gabriel to get the books.
I explained that Borders, where I usually buy my sample English manga, didn't carry them because they were what she calls "iyarashii manga."

Iyarashii means "kinky" or "pervy."
She calls all manga with pervy scenes "iyarashii."
So to her, hentai, yuri, yaoi...they are all iyarashii.

She asked me why I keep getting iyarashii work, but actually it's been at least one year since my last iyarashii work.
It was when I worked on the hentai games Pick Me, Honey! and The Sagara Family.
(I can't link because of adult content).

Anyway, now I have to go look for sex scenes and put post-its on those pages.
I hope no one finds it at my house.
I have to hide it when my friends come over next week.


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