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Working on Suzaku #2

I am currently working on Code Geass Suzaku #2 manga.

This is the final volume for the series.

Prince Schneizel makes a lot of appearances in this volume.
I am really grateful that my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software can spell it for me perfectly each time he says something.
Schneizel... it's really a pain to type out his name.

The only problem with Code Geass is that I cannot train my software to type out C.C.
It can't recognize "SEE-TOO.”
So what I did was for my software to hear "Yukana” but to type out “C.C.”

Speaking of Code Geass, I received a New Year’s card from the scriptwriter, Mr. O.
He said that he was happy that the United States audience accepted Code Geass warmly.
So thank you to those who are watching and reading Code Geass!

(Actually, I've only seen negative reviews for the Code Geass manga…if anyone has seen a positive review, please let me know...)


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