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We Cheer!

I’ve been playing We Cheer that I got myself for the holidays.
I first heard about this game when my friend, voice actor SS, contacted us saying that she just finished recording for a cheerleading game.
And it was on sale at Amazon, so I bought it.

I didn’t know that this game got horrible reviews…
It’s sad because it’s really cute!
(And quite easy…I passed the game on “Easy” in three days).

You get a lot of uniforms you can switch around, and you even get to decide what it says on the logo.
(The best part!)

I’m almost completely done with the entire game.
Does anyone else out there play this game?
If anyone’s been pondering about whether or not to get this game…I would recommend it!

About work…I recently found an article indicating that Kagetora got better after the switch in translators.
I’m sure the other translator was fine too, but it makes me happy to see people notice the difference in translators. :)

Happy New Year and I hope everyone has a very good 2009.


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