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Pumpkin Scissors Terminology

I started reading the text for Pumpkin Scissors.
I'm reading one volume at a time, in both Japanese and English.
And as I read the books, I'm also creating the terminology list.

So far, just from volume 1, I have about over 20 items on that list.
You never know when a name will come up later in the volume, so I am listing everything.
For example, I included Alice's pet horse, Piro.

By the way, I'm having my sister help me.

And since there are a lot of military rank terms, we got into a short discussion of who we think of when we hear the word, "Major."

We both said, "Major Eberbach.”
Because we’re girls.

I think if we were boys, we would’ve answered, "Motoko Kusanagi.”

Anyway, I hope I can get this list done before 2009 begins.


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