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Greatest Enemy

The greatest enemy of a translator is not the deadlines.
Not the drought (a period of no work).
Not the computer crashing with unsaved work.

It's the katakori!

What is katakori?

Tense shoulders.

I usually get them on my left shoulders because there is an inbalance with my stronger right shoulders (due to years of tennis).
Years ago when I was interpreting for Sadamoto-san (of Evangelion, FLCL, and .hack) he gave me a lecture on tense shoulders and necks.
I was telling him that since I am not an artist like him, I don't really have to worry about it.

But that was when I wasn't working full-time as a translator.

A month ago my shoulders were in so much pain I had to go get a massage every week.

Now I don't have to go as much.


Thanks to swimming!

I try to go everyday for at least 20 minutes.
Swimming is great.
I get to leave the house (during deadlines I don't), I get cross-training exercise for tennis, and it helps my tense shoulders.

Now if I can get motivated to work...


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