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Working on Kitchen Princess #10

I am working on Kitchen Princess #10 right now.
I’m rushing to get it done by Monday.
So instead of running around shopping for televisions and printers, I am stuck at home.

In this last volume, Najika and Seiya go to Paris for the pastry chef competition.
But Najika gets a call from Japan with more bad news…
I can hear reviewers writing:
“Dude, how many bad news can this series take?”

I do agree that many people die in this series.

There is an extra chapter featuring Akane.
It’s pretty cute.
Maybe I liked it more because I like Akane more than Najika.
Her recipe was black sesame pudding, which I’m sure my Company YP editor would love.

The author talks about receiving letters in English, and her cousin translates them for her.
So continue sending in those fan letters to Company DR!
The author also talks about the English version of Kitchen Princess and how it’s really popular.
And she gave extra information that I shouldn’t repeat here yet…but it’s good news for the fans.


Thank you for the extra info..
I do really hope that Daichi and Najika end up together!! ^^

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