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Summer Vacation

I must admit I haven't really been working for the last few days.
I mean, I was working, but not translation related.
And since this is supposed to be my work log on my translation and interpretation work, I couldn't really write here.

I've been taking time off to...well, watch Japanese tv shows.

I just finished watching a marathon of 11 episodes of a thriller known as "Unfair."
It is based on a book written by a script writer who I discovered I like.
(I liked many of his previous shows).
I might pick up the book.

Gee, I keep reading Japanese novels, but since I'm translating FROM Japanese TO English, I need to read more English novels.
Something light to read. Like Michael Crichton.

Although when I do watch Japanese tv, I tend to translate lines in my head.
So I was actually practicing my interpreting.

Oh, speaking of novels.
I just got word from one of my editors that the novel I translated back in May is done with adaptation.
Maybe they will announce it soon.

Um, on another note.
Juvenile Orion illust book is almost going to print.
I think the Broccoli Books blog will have more info about it.

And one more thing.
I got a new job from a new company, Company 7S.
I will be working on that soon.


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