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Happy Halloween

A Friday Halloween.
Everyone must be out partying.
How nice.

I'm stuck here working...

It's really sad.
I'm trying to finish Code Geass novel #1.

We call it #1 even though it's the second novel.
The first one, which came out recently, is #0 because it's about the past.

This one, subtitled "SHADOW," is in the present.
It matches the events of the anime.
The novel starts a little later than where the anime starts.
So Lelouch already has his Geass, and the Black Knights already established.

A little bit is explained about what goes on within the Britannian Forces, so those who want a little more detail filled in for each incident, I recommend picking this novel up.

In the meantime, please enjoy #0.

From the emails I'm getting from my editor, it looks like they're making the final touches on the Suzaku manga #1, so please look forward to that too.
And the Lelouch manga #2 should be coming out in about a week or so?

Oh, I did do some things that were appropriate for Halloween.
For lunch/dinner I went to Souplantation, and I wore a Takkun hat there.
A lot of people were staring at it.

And I went to my friend's house and played with costumes--on Soul Calibur IV.
The Character Creation thing is so fun!
Some of the characters' names are bilingual or Japanese punny, so I'll post about those another day.

Happy Halloween!


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