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Halloween-ish Titles

Wow, it's almost Halloween, isn't it?
I totally forget because every time I go to a retail store it's filled with the other holiday stuff.
And my house doesn't really celebrate Halloween...
Kids don't come to my condo because it's a gated condo, which is good because I live in a semi-bad neighborhood.


I thought I'd introduce some projects I worked on that might be good for Halloween.

The first one is coming out tomorrow:

You'll be walking through a building trying to figure out how to get out.
But there are a bunch of booby traps on the way.
"Do you want to stick your hand in the hole?"
"Oh no, there were razor blades in the hole. You're bleeding now."
Okay, I made it sound comical.
It's not like this in the game, but this is how I remember it.
It's scary. I had nightmares about it when I was working on it.
Spook factor=5

This isn't scary, but it's very Halloween-like, I think.
Something good to read while you wait for kids to come asking for candy.
Spook factor=1

I only started working on this title from volume 9, but I recommend the whole series.
Some of the arcs are really freaky.
Spook factor=4

Vampires, werewolves, zombies, mermaids, invisible men, you can get all of it in this series.
Spook factor=1

I only worked on volume 3.
Which is good, because imagine the nightmares if I had only worked on volume 2.
Lots of gore, which this artist is good at drawing.
Spook factor=3

Gay ghosts?
Spook factor=1

A cute, children's literature-ish book that gives a Halloween feel.
Witches, bats, cat-girls, and other weird characters.
Spook factor=1

Happy Halloween!


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