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Getting Ready for the Holidays (Already!)

So the holiday season is starting a little early in retail stores this year.
Right now is actually a good time to shop.
So many retail stores are offering good deals!

So I'm shopping a lot this month.
Maybe it's stress from all the work.

So I went to Costco the other day (this is where I get my holiday cards), and saw some cute cards...
I discover that printing photo cards at the photo center is cheaper.
So this year I will be printing photo cards.

Unfortunately I don't have any staff under me, so I can't take a company group photo to use.
And I really don't think people want a holiday card from me with a picture of Satsuki alone.
(If I want to show the "working" me I would have my bangs pinned up, hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a gym t-shirt and flannel pajamas...very ugly).

So I will be using a picture of the cat.
I have over 500 pictures of her so it took a while to choose one.

But I managed to.
Hopefully I can put up a sample when it's ready.
I should get the list ready...perhaps about 80 this year?


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