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Bagna Cauda

I was translating something today and it said "baanya."
I was like, what's that?
So I looked it up and it's bagna, of bagna cauda, some kind of Italian dip, similar to fondue.

It looked familiar and I realized that it was featured in the manga "Pride" by Yukari Ichijo.

Pride #6
Drag for spoilers.
In this scene Moe is eating out with her otaku boyfriend (he wears Dragonball t-shirts) and accidentally bumps into a guy who tricked her into giving him a bunch of money.
Not only that but he let his two friends rape her.
He tries to run away from her when she threatens him with a (butter) knife, and bumps into a waiter holding a bagna cauda.
The hot oil gets on his face and his life is ruined.

...But what does bagna cauda have to do with mecha?

Then I looked closer and I saw that it was "baania" with the katakana "a" bigger.
It was vernier.

As in a vernier thruster.

That made more sense.


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