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TSUBASA Character Guide 2 Announced

Company DR finally announced the Character Guide 2.
Not that it was unexpected or anything...

So when my editor asked me to work on this, I had to admit I never read the series.
I'm not a CLAMP fan at all...I never read CC Sakura.
I read X a loooong time ago and I don't really remember the story.

So anyway, she was nice enough to send me both the Japanese and English versions of the manga so I can study it.
I also created a list of terminology so I can stay consistent with translator W's spellings.
It was a lot of work, even though I had an assistant help with a bit of it.
I had to locate where the panels were in the English version when it was used in the guide and stuff.
(I did the same thing for the Genshiken fanbook, and had an assistant help then too).

So that's coming out summer 2009.
Please check it out.


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