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2008 Yaoi Con Day 2

I had to go to the dealer's room at 7am to set up.

Luckily I made it on time.
I even had time to go to the line for the dealer's room to pass out the Cigarette Kisses flyer.

This year they had the people wait in a room so they don't block the hallway.
Maybe it was a fire hazard thing.
Here are some early birds listening to instructions by the dealer room staff.
Y Con 08

I worked the booth until my friend F came to get me for the Nase Yamato panel.
Thank goodness she did, because I totally lost track of time.

I couldn't take pictures because I didn't get a good seat during the panel.

I remember her talking about getting into BL at the young age of 13 or so.

She brought some materials to show the panel and they were displayed during the autograph session.
Y Con 08

She also brought copies of her storyboards but they're a little graphic, so I won't post it up here.
They are really clean and neat!

Here is a picture of her signing someone's poster.
Y Con 08
The poster is the one I was passing out at the convention.
It looks nice, yes? You can thank my friend F for that.

After the panel and autograph session I went back to the booth and worked.
I was surprised a lot of people still bought Pet on Duty, because I thought they bought it last year.

For dinner I had soon tofu with Company B director of operations S and MangaCast contributor B.

I didn't feel like soon tofu so I had kimchi bibimbap.
Myung Dong Tofu Cabin

And of course I can't leave north California without some dungeness crab.
So I had it for a late night snack.
Dungeness Crab


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