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Finished AX...But More Work Keeps Coming In

I finally got home today.

I know, AX was over on the 4th, but I had to stick around to deal with guests.
Circus people.
I took them to Downtown Disney, Hollywood/Highland, and the sushi restaurant I help out.

And then today I took them to the airport.

As soon as I thought I can go home and sleep (or lay around watching Wimbledon), I get phone calls.

From Company S: There’s a new project from Japanese to English, so I have to go in Friday.
From Company JRI: Seven documents to translate, one by Friday.
From Company Go: Secret
From Company TB: Japanese to English

And of course I still have the Juvenile Orion Illustration Book by Company B, Company DR’s manga x4, and other consulting work.

I also have an English Proficiency Test to interview for on Sunday.

All this work makes it look like I’m making a lot of money.

So where is it??


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