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Prepping for Yaoi Con

Today I went to Company B to prepare for Yaoi Con.
Since they don't have staff to take care of it I offered my services.
I love doing conventions...I should start an e-commerce store just so I can go to conventions and sell stuff.
(Like my good industry friend J.)

I had my friend Dave help.
He kept saying, "Ewww" jokingly.
Thanks for being a good sport, Dave!

We found a yaoi manga about two boys who play tennis.
The title was "Kiss Me Tennis Boy" or something.
(Dave and I both play tennis).

He said I should read it, and I made a comment about having wrong positions.
Because a lot of times when I see tennis being depicted in manga they're standing in places they shouldn't be.
But I think I was supposed to be more specific and say "court positions."


We (I say "we" because I'm going to be at the booth working) are planning cool giveaways that I can't reveal just yet, so please come and check it out.

As for translation work I am supposed to receive more Code Geass booklets but it hasn't arrived yet.
I'm probably going to have to work on it in the booth during slow hours.


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