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Visit to the Doctor

So I went to the doctor the other day to check out my two work-related injuries (left pinky and right wrist) and my tennis elbow.

I had to fill out a pain drawing, which I found quite amusing:

Visit to Doc

You make different marks depending on how severe the pain is.

Anyway, after some examinations my doctor said it's not that bad.
Well, he recommended cortisone shots so maybe it's bad, but it seems that all my injuries are inflammations.
My left pinky area tendon is not torn or scarred; I just have tendinitis.
He thinks my wrist is an early stage of carpal tunnel syndrome.
My tennis elbow is just a tennis elbow.

Anyway, icing and strengthening exercises/stretches should do it, if not I can go in again for cortisone.
That would be my last option, although thinking about getting to play tennis again tempted me.
Tomorrow is my third month anniversary of not playing tennis and it's quite sad.

My doctor told me that resting (not working) is best for my injuries, but I can't do that (my schedule is filled for the rest of the year).


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