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Getting a Bunch of Work Done

Thanks to NBC streaming the tennis matches, I'm up at 4am in the morning watching tennis.
But I feel guilty staying up all night just watching tennis (and I can't do only one thing at a time--I'm a multi-tasker), so I'm working.

I got a lot of work done during Nadal's match: I finished this week's batch of Code Geass R2 website text.

I have one more batch to go.
Although they'll probably give me more later.

I am about halfway done with the Suzaku #1 manga, but I'm going to put that aside while I work on Yozakura Quartet #4.

I worked on Yozakura Quartet #3 so long ago, I forgot all the terms I used.
Thank goodness for my terminology cheat sheet.
I forgot what happened in #3 too.
I remember there's a big I had to go back and re-read #3 in Japanese.

And when I get bored of Yozakura Quartet, I've been doing a bit here and there for Mr. Flower Bride.

So I have multiple files open on my computer...
(Working on anything Code Geass requires me to have many excel sheets filled with terminology open)

...Two ripped-up manga on my desk...

...and two laptops going because one is for work and the other one is for watching tennis.

It's a busy desk.

Busy Night
Two laptops, two manga, and two cups!


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