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Masked Lancelot

I am sorta working on Suzaku of the Counterattack #1.
Sometimes I get bored of translating the same old thing, so I switch projects around.
So today was Suzaku day.


Like the Lelouch manga there is no mecha in this book.
(That is why Ed of MangaCast refuses to review it).

Instead, Suzaku wears a "suit" with a helmet that has a Knightmare System incorporated in it.
It sends signals from the optic nerves to the brain that enhances Suzaku's physical ability or something.

Anyway, it looks pretty ridiculous and funny, so please think of it as comedy.
(No, actually it's not and Company BEI might get mad at me for false advertisement).

But even the author makes a joke about the Masked Lancelot making an appearance in the anime.
Or I guess I should call it a cameo.

Please look for him in episode 21.
He turns around and gives a thumbs up.
And then he shows up again during the head bonking game.


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