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Finished Ghost Hunt #10

I finished Ghost Hunt #10.

This is the last arc of the series (for now, unless the novelist decides to continue writing...but very unlikely) and the series makes a full circle by investigating an abandoned school, similar to what they did in their first case together.

There's something about the school that makes it scary when there are no students there.
Maybe because we grow up being used to having so many people there?
For example, I don't get scared if I'm at an office late at night.
(And when I work on movies for Company S I'm usually the only one in a huge building).

So I would never, ever go to an abandoned school...
Especially if there are rumors that it's haunted.

The subtitle for this arc is "The Forgotten Children."
It doesn't come up in this volume just yet but in volume 11 the concept of "forgetting" plays an important part.

I read somewhere that dead people truly "die" when they are forgotten.
But it's too early to talk about that now.
I'll wait until volume 11 comes out.


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