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2008 Comic-Con Day 3

I was feeling a little sick today, so I decided to stay home (as in, my hotel room).
I really can't risk getting sick right now, since I have to finish Ghost Hunt #10, Suzaku #1, and Mr. Flower Bride in the next two weeks AND volunteer for the Countrywide Classic.

Darn it.
Every time I saw a friend here at Comic-Con I kept saying,
"I'm good because work's been slow."

But it looks like I was just in denial.

So...since I only brought Ghost Hunt, I'm working on that.

Since I feel bad for not writing anything about Comic-Con, I'll give the synopsis for the project that was announced by Company DR yesterday.

I worked on Soryuden (Sohryuden?) back in 2006.

I don't know if Company DR gave the basic sorry if this is repeated information.
(And some spellings may have been changed...please bear with me).

The Ryudou brothers Hajime, Tsuzuku, Owaru, and Amaru share a secret. They have special abilities and superhuman powers. But someone else knows of their secret, and has dark plans to use that power to take over the world.

They also discover that they have the ability to transform into Dragons and control the four elements.

I forgot how they transform.
I'm sure it wasn't that they look at a full moon or anything like that.
Or...was it? Hee hee.

Anyway, please look for it...was there a release date for this?

By the way, the ridiculous (haha) names of the brothers are explained by the author in an interview at the end of the book.
Owaru is really not a good sad!


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