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2008 Comic-Con Day 1

My friend Ards and I ate breakfast at Denny's and headed to the convention center.

Here is a bunch of pedi-cabs(?) trying to get people to ride them (haha) instead of the shuttle.
But the shuttle is always better.
Sometimes you get a driver who gives you useful information.
Like 175K people expected at this year's convention.

We get to the convention center.
It's only Thursday, and yet there are so many people!!!

I don't even want to know what Saturday will be like...

Even the freebie table had a long line.

I went to the Company V booth and met up with my friend F, who designed the booth.

Then I tried to go to a panel but there was a big I skipped it and decided to sit in at the Knight Rider panel so that I would be guaranteed a seat at the Activision and Stan Lee panel.

The Knight Rider panel was pretty interesting.
I didn't really like the pilot/movie back in February, but it looks like they have a new executive producer(?) I don't know because I missed the beginning.
Gary Scott Thompson worked on "Las Vegas" (I never watched it) and "2 Fast 2 Furious" (I also never watched it).

The actors were really late because of the explosion on the 5 freeway.
Sigh, California freeways...

The clip showed KITT transforming from a truck(?) to a normal car.
Or something. I couldn't happened so fast!
I still like the Batmobile better.

I went to the Activision and Stan Lee panel because I have friends working on the project.
So please check it out if you are into video games!

Here is Stan Lee and a representative from Shaba Games.
Stan Lee is so old now...
When Ards and I met him a few years back, he looked much younger.
(I'll try to find the picture we took and post it here when I get back).

I was unhappy that they didn't display the Spider-Man game banner well.
You could only see his hand!

The Street Fighter IV panel room was waaaay too crowded, so I skipped that.
The Hulk vs Wolverine panel was too far, and probably crowded, so I skipped that too.
And I think I would've been distracted thinking about how I translated everything as I watched it.
(I translated the script to Japanese).

I remember how I really enjoyed translating Wolverine's lines because he's so bad-ass and I like how bad-ass men talk in Japanese.

Then I went to the Company BEI panel.
They announced that FREEDOM will have a dub.
My voice actor friend S is in it, so please check it out if you have a chance.

I was going to go to the Company DR panel but I had to talk to my editor at Company BEI about a few issues (regarding Code Geass stuff) so I missed it.


I was hoping Company DR would announce a few things that I worked on, but they only announced one of them.
I'll talk about that when I get back from San Diego.
(Can you guess which one it is?)

After the panels were done I went back to the exhibit hall.
I was talking to my friend F and Ards when they saw a funny thing.

Balloon Cake
Hee hee hee.
It's a cake made out of balloons.
The owner of this balloon art said it was her birthday today.

And then I saw former marketing guy J of Company BEI, currently working at Company S.

And then I bumped into marketing guy H of Company A.

It's weird how I can bump into people in that huge exhibit hall.

I finished 2 pages of Ghost Hunt #10 today.
Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow...


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