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Code Geass R2 Website

So yesterday evening I got an email from Company BEI.
They need some Code Geass R2 website text by...Monday!


(And it might even mean Monday in Japan, which would be Sunday here).

But my editor is an understanding guy...
So he gave me until "mid-week" to do it.

I'm not worried about the amount of text but rather the amount of information.
I guess a lot happened in one year in the world of Code Geass.

Knights of the Round? Glaston Knights?
Who? What? When??

And of course, technology never stops evolving so there are a bunch of new mecha.
And all the new characters!


When Biglobe was streaming it online I purposely didn't watch R2 because I didn't want to commit myself to something every week. I tend to like watching things in bunches.
But now I guess I have to try to get a hold of those episodes.

Some stuff were spoiled to me from the material Sunrise provided.
Like XXXXX dying, and XXXX dying, and XXXX dying.

Oh well.

So I'm putting TOKKO #3 to the side and currently working on gathering terms from the text.
I am making a terminology spelling chart for Company BEI to approve.
Even before translation begins, there's a lot of work to be done.
Goodbye, my weekend.


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