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Finished Kitchen Princess #9

I finished Kitchen Princess #9.

I saw some reviews where the reviewer talked about how dark issues KP deals with.
Like eating disorders and stuff.
And I guess Najika's attempted suicide was pretty bad too.

(Some spoiler-ish things will come up, so please drag).

In volume 9 "suicide" comes up again.

It's really surprising how so many deaths there are surrounding Najika and Daichi.
There's that girl in the side story who died too...whatever volume it was.

I don't know...
The idea of "committing suicide" because you feel unloved and lonely in a shojo manga seems pretty heavy, but I guess reality is much harsher than fiction anyway, so times are changing?
I'm trying to think if there was anything suicidal when I was reading shojo manga at a young age.

Well, I wasn't reading much shojo manga when I was young, so I guess I can't compare.

Oh well.

So I turned in 3 projects this week.
Pretty amazing.

I'm working on TOKKO #3 next.


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