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Theresia Dear Emile Announced

The video game I've been working on for the last few weeks was finally announced.

It's called Theresia Dear Emile, and it's a horror adventure(?) game.
Please look at the press releases for the exact genre.

It's pretty...hmm...creepy.
If you push a chair in the wrong direction or something, arrows will come shooting at you.
So you can't really stick your hand in a box without thinking or stuff like that.

It's coming out in October, so if you get a chance, please check it out!


Yay! I just got myself a DS last month and added this to my MUST-BUY list last night!

I can't wait to see it! がんばってね!

  • 2008/07/09(水) 06:11:40 |
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  • tania #-
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Ooh, DS! Yes, it'll come in handy during convention season when you have to travel...all those dreaded delays!
I hope you enjoy it! It's really scary...don't say I didn't warn you! 楽しんでね!

  • 2008/07/09(水) 08:02:00 |
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  • SatsumaPotato #-
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