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Half Day Off

I was working on Speed Grapher #3 today, but my wrist was hurting so I didn't do much.
Maybe...30 pages?

My wrist was hurting since yesterday, since I finished a file for the video game.
I had about 500 lines to do toward the end of the day, and I was going at a rate of 100 lines per half hour.

At least I finished the file...the others (there are 4 translators working on this game) are done with their part, so I felt pressured.

Now I just have the HUGE file to do which is 3800 lines.
I have all of next week (5 days) to finish it.

760 lines per day...


This weekend I'll be working on Speed Grapher #3 and Kitchen Princess #9.
And after the video game project is done, I have a week to work on TOKKO #3.
And after that...

I'll stop thinking about it for now.


Take care...

I hope you don't have carpal tunnel syndrome, common to keyboard jockeys such as translators...
Doing knuckle pushups (or using pushup handles) will strengthen the supporting muscles of your wrists, and hanging from a pullup bar will decompress/stretch your arms a bit. (^_^)
Salonpas is my best friend when doing long projects. (T_T)

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