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Today I was working at Company A when one of the editors (the person who edits the text the translated text) asked about a mask.

I guess in the story a character wears a mask, even though he's not sick.
And the editor didn't understand.

So translator N-chan was explaining how the Japanese wear masks when we're sick so that we don't get other people sick.

And translator M-kun piped in:
"Yeah, Satsuki was wearing one last week, remember?"

Yes, I was.
But that was more because I didn't want the germs going around in the office (full of video gamers!) to affect me.

But I did notice some of the video game testers (who is from...Wisconsin or something) gave me a funny look when I was wearing it.

I have large tonsils (I'm supposed to take it out, but I'm waiting for better insurance coverage and a block of time where I can take a few weeks off of work. Not happening) so these masks come with me everywhere.
Especially at conventions.

I don't wear them around the hall, but I do wear them when I sleep.

So if you see someone at a convention hotel looking like this:

that would be me.

The Japanese peace fingers are for joking purposes.
I usually don't take pictures like that...


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