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Flan Prince

I'm working on Kitchen Princess #9.
Yesterday I did work for three companies.

I did work for Company BEI, Company A, and Company DR.

I'm a workaholic!

So in volume 9 it's finally revealed who the flan prince is.
(I more "I'm not really your flan prince" lying please!)

It was not who I hoped it to be...

I was thinking it would be funny if it was Akane or something.
With short hair, dressed like a boy.

But I guess that wouldn't be shojo manga.
It would turn into shojo ai.


There's a recipe for cinnamon roll in this volume.
Najika says that it's easy to make bread.
I guess it's true, since my childhood friend (who seriously cannot cook) has been making bread lately.
I guess she attends bread-making classes or something.
It's a very OL-type of thing to do in Japan.

Just reading the recipe looks like it's a hassle, so I don't think I'll do it.


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