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Kitchen Princess #9 is Here

I got an email from my editor at Company DR the other day.
"Kitchen Princess #9 is here!"

And she sent it to me immediately.

Even though I have so much work to do, I couldn't resist reading it.
A lot happens in this volume...

But I am not for spoilers so I won't say what.

There is a special episode that explains why Fujita left his prestigious position in France.

And volume 9 states that the next volume will be the last.

Speaking of flans...
I read an article today that "purin a la mode"(by the way, "purin" is the Japanese name of flans) are disappearing from cafes and restaurants.
They used to be really popular during the Showa period but now they are almost only available in convenience stores, the article said.
I guess they evolved and found a way to survive in this era.

This is what a traditional "purin a la mode" looks like:

Purin a la mode

Hmm. Now I want some flan.

I'll be working on Kitchen Princess #9 in July.


The flan prince ?

Hello . I'm also interested in Kitchen princess. I've got up to vol 8 . I'm really curious who the flan prince is . Can u help me get some more info about the two last volume ?! Thanks a lot ^_^ .

Daichi is the flan prince.
I know that for a fact.
I havent read the last volume
yet so.. im not sure if they end up
together because in the recent volume
Daichi refused to be with Najika because he doesnt want to have his happy ending when Sora didnt. But more than likely they will
end up together.

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