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I have a zit on my face right now that reminds me of "Sen Masao."
He's an enka singer in Japan.

I only know about him because there was a "gag" manga I used to read and the main character used to make a joke about him.

The manga is "Moeru! Oniisan" by Tadashi Sato.

Gosh, I really wish I have an image of him doing the impression, but I did find an Amazon Japan link of the manga:

Okay, that didn't help.
I also found the link to the anime.

Aaaanyway, it reminded me of the "gag" manga I read as a girl.

There's "3-nen Kimengumi" (later continued to "High School! Kimengumi"):

"Tsuide ni Tonchinkan":

"Libero no Takeda"

(no image)

Now I want to go to a manga cafe and re-read them.

I wonder if anyone out there shares my taste.

In the end, I'll introduce some images.

This is Gai from "Moeru!"


Doesn't he look like Flazzard (sp?) from "Dai no Dai Bouken?"


Does anyone understand what I'm talking about?
Does anyone care?

Not really.

I'm just rambling.
I finished one deadline and I'm super hyper.

I will start on the novel tomorrow.


Kimengumi changed my life

For what it's worth, High School Kimengumi vol 3, the volleyball parody story arc, was the first manga I've ever read and got me into manga. ^^

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