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Busy Day

Today was one of my days to go into Company A.

I went in around 11:30...but had to stop working because my wrist started to hurt a bit.
I wasn't at home, so I didn't have ice packs to take care of it.
I couldn't take painkillers because I haven't eaten yet, and I couldn't eat because I had a dentist appointment at 3.

So...I went shopping.

I went to Target to buy ice packs (to keep at Company A).

Then I went to the dentist.

I got back at around 5, so I stayed a little later to finish the file I was working on.
I managed to finish even after Excel lost some data (grr!).
I left around 7, and the office was empty.
Usually they stay later but they probably went to get their Metal Gear Solid.

The only ones left in the office were A-san (non otaku), M-san (non otaku), and me (non...otaku).

This is how I work at Company A.

At Company A

The left laptop is mine.
The right laptop is the company's.


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